Irene Opsahl

Irene Opsahl
Legal Aid Society
2929 4th Avenue South Suite 201
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Tel: (612) 332-1441

Note that Irene Opsahl is also on the board of The Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association that Sharon Durken, another "study" group member heads.

This note is from the Minneapolis Legal Aid Society website:

F a m i l y L a w
The objective of the family law department is to provide access to the judicial system for low-income parents with legal issues relating to child custody, child support and domestic relations. A low-income parent who needs a lawyer to help with child custody issues can come to Legal Aid. Our family law attorneys focus first on cases where there is abuse involved. Low-income parents also seek help with divorce, custody and support cases.
Low-income parents, especially mothers, can take advantage of many outreach and educational opportunities that Legal Aid’s lawyers present. Through collaboration with other organizations that serve low-income parents, Legal Aid’s lawyers provide legal information and advice through seminars, meetings, brochures and fact sheets. Legal Aid staff have also trained a network of volunteer lawyers, giving hundreds more low-income women and men access to a legal voice in fighting for their rights.