Liz Richards

Liz Richards, Esq.
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

590 Park Street, Suite 410

Saint Paul, MN 55103


Per the following webpages hosted by the legislature

"Liz Richards, legal program coordinator for the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, said that granting joint physical custody is not always in the best interest of the children, nor does it decrease conflict. “This is not about access to the kids. This should be about what is truly best for the children.” "

No biography available, but what can you say about the Coalition, other than that they openly discriminate and advocate against men. Their members always show up at hearings to advocate against shared parenting and fathers. The antidote to this virulous organization can be found at:

About MCBW

MCBW is a well-established, membership organization with 90 member programs located throughout Minnesota with a strong history of effectively carrying out programming that advances women's safety and security. MCBW has existed for almost 30 years as the state's primary voice for battered women. The Coalition has a dedicated and experienced staff, and its capacity is strengthened by the leadership of its members and by a deeply committed and involved board of directors.
When we use the terms battering and domestic violence, we are referring to the pattern of violence that affects the level of fear and quality of life for all women—it encompasses both physical and sexual violence and includes pervasive emotional abuse and threats, control over finances and access to transportation; manipulation of and often harm to the children; and social norms that persist today that a man has the right to put his partner in her place. While these same dynamics are also present in same sex relationships and on rare occasions women use similar tactics against their male partners—it is the broader social institutions that support this pervasive and historically-sanctioned pattern of behavior that MCBW seeks to change.
Priority goals of MCBW include:
  • To build capacity of advocates, system personnel, and others to better meet the needs of all individual women who have been battered and their children and to effect political and social change to end violence against women.
  • To serve as a reliable resource to members, the community, and the public in Minnesota on all aspects of domestic violence.
  • To create connections and build relationships that promote shared understanding, trust, and engagement in the movement to end violence against women.
  • To change the societal values and structures that foster violence against women by promoting community support for challenging those values and structures.
  • To promote public policy that supports all battered women and their children and holds batterers accountable.
  • To build a healthy and sustainable organization that responds to member needs and leads state-wide efforts to end domestic violence.
Key accomplishments include:
  • MCBW is a recognized leader in raising public awareness of battering, developing materials, and coordinating events that increase media attention supportive of the needs of battered women and their children. With 21 MCBW/MNCASA partner programs, Minnesota had the largest Choose Respect public awareness initiative in the nation.
  • MCBW is an effective advocate at the Minnesota Legislature, promoting increased funding, increased consequences for batterers, and better tools for law enforcement and the courts to use in holding batterers accountable.
  • MCBW is the premier source of training, providing accurate and timely training opportunities for new and experienced battered women’s advocates.
  • MCBW coordinates the efforts of advocates, activists and programs that support and serve battered women statewide, providing technical assistance, networking support, and facilitating the development of partnerships and collaborations that improve the system-wide response to battering.
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