The most important thing to remember about lobbying legislators is to contact them in some way and tell your story. Here are some tips on how to do this.

How to find your legislators: Here is the District Finder Website-

Once you find your legislator, it is good to contact them by phone, email, or letter. Recently, legislators have told us that they are getting so many emails, that it might be better to contact by phone or letter. If you do an email contact, follow up by phone to see if your email was received. It will take more than one contact to get your voice heard.

Always be courteous, even if a legislator does not agree with you. Many times it's a good idea to ask for help or ask for more information. This is nonthreatening to the legislator, and allows you to eventually get around to asking them to do something for you.

Sample Letter Supporting Shared Parenting:

Dear Senator or Representative (put in the name of your senator or representative here.)

I am writing to ask you to join in sponsoring shared parenting and bills that support 50/50 parenting, following divorce or separation.

As you probably know, Minnesota has a family law system that supports a very contentious divorce and separation process. Frequently parents spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyers fees, to determine which parent will be the custodial parent.

The winner of this battle will gain the custody of the children for nearly 80 percent of the time. The loser will be allowed two weekends and two weekday evenings each month, to be with his or her children. There are also frequently bitter and expensive disputes about how the children will be financially supported following divorce or separation.

Shared parenting has been proposed to lessen battles over custody by nearly equalizing the time that fit parents are allowed to continue to see and care for their children. The vast majority of parents will be satisfied to have a relationship with their children at least 45 percent of the time and to contribute a reasonable amount for their support.

Children need and want both parents following divorce. The state can help by adjusting family law to help parents in cooperating with each other, rather than encouraging divisiveness. Please help this to become a reality by sponsoring shared parenting.


(Your Name.)
City, MN Zip
Phone #
email address.