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Waggoner is quoted on this website as being opposed to the presumption of shared parenting.

Excert from article:
Neuville's Minnesota Child Custody Legislation Draws Early Support & Opposition
Like any piece of legislation, Neuville's Minnesota child custody bill has been both applauded and challenged. Dissenters to this Minnesota divorce legislation feel that judges should solely rely on those 13 factors when determining child custody. Minnesota family law attorney Pamela Waggoner said in the story that it's a bad idea to make a judge start with this presumption in child custody cases. She expressed her concern that this presumption could cause some judges to make child custody decisions which are detrimental rather than beneficial for the child.
Another divorce lawyer disagreed in the story. Barbara Aaby said that over the last 20 years, more and more dads have moved from this belief that they would only have custody of their kids on the weekends to now expecting shared physical custody. She added that it is now the exception rather than the rule for a father to not expect joint physical custody and then described this presumption as being in the best interests of the child.